Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Don't worry my loyal POTD blog followers...I plan to update with fabulous and fun new pictures very soon. I decided to take a very conscious break for the holidays after such a busy busy 2007. I needed some downtime...to step away from my computer, my email, my phone and my camera for just a little while. To reconnect with my family, my friends and to feel refreshed both emotionally and creatively.

I've also had time to think and to reflect on a truly wonderful year. I hope all of you have been able to do the same. At the beginning of 2007, I knew I was in for a year of changes. My biggest change and biggest risk was deciding to make my photography business my full time job. To leave the security of a job I'd been at for over 7 years to pursue my dream of photography. I'll be honest...I had a lot of apprehension...but it was one of the best decisions I made and one that I'm happy I went out on a limb to follow. It wasn't without a lot of prayer and love and support from those I'm closest with though, to make it happen.

I've also made some resolutions to make 2008 one of the best yet. I am looking forward to all of the fabulous weddings that's on the calendar...a very full calendar I'm starting to realize...and looking forward to adding some new things to my plate. More details later, but to those who may have received new cameras from Santa, or those wanting to learn more about photography, be on the lookout for a seminar being held by Jen and I in March.

Also to be returning are the fabulous marathon boudoir sessions...just in time for Valentine's Day!

I also looked back upon last year's POTDs. This was my favorite.

So Happy New Year to all of you. Anyone care to share their New Year resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too and see you on Sunday!

Amanda said...

Awww My "occasional" scowler... that was a fun time anyways! I LOVE those storm pictures, they are SO cool!!!

I have a lot of New Years resolutions, but my biggest one this year is to not eat out so much! We really need to save save save, so we can finish our basement!

And, did you ever post who won the Christmas gift contest?

cocojames said...

Oh! How I wish we were up in MI!!! Joe surprised me with a spankin' new camera this Christmas and I would LOVE to be at your workshop:(

Good luck in the New Year! Can't wait to see more of your POTD:)

aletha jo said...

If I were into photography, I'd totally be taking your seminar! Ooh, and I haven't seen you in forever. I think lunch is in order sometime this month. VENDOR LUNCH!

Jenna said...

Happy New Year!!!! Oh and sign me up in advance for your photography seminar, I will go out and buy a new camera to be a part of that!!! Congratulations on a great year, you truly are fabulous!!!