Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10.31.07 : : Happy Halloween from Tanner J.

Tanner LOVES being dressed up as you can likely tell from this photograph. He helped me pass out candy tonight dressed as a ladybug. The kids loved it. Tanner...not so much.

This family is adorable. The kids did great, especially for it being a fun holiday and they were itching to be out trick-or-treating.

We did let them dress up though. And I even gave them a piece of candy at the end! That always works well as a bribe.

And last, but not least...a Halloween Rainbow!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10.30.07 : : Just Another Day at the Office

How beautiful are these children?

And how adorable is this couple?

Another beautiful fall afternoon spent outside doing what I love best. I love that 'my office' is always changing.

Jenna + Eric : : Wedding Preview!

When: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where: Ceremony - McGraft Memorial Congregational Church, Muskegon MI
Reception - Private Residence

Highlight of the Day: This wedding was FUN! From the non-traditional wedding pies (brides and grooms...if you don't like cake, a wedding pie was a fabulously delicious alternative), to the barn and white tent that housed the reception, to the hundreds of personal details made by Jenna and her mom it was truly a wonderful celebration. Jenna and Eric were also SO much fun to work with and Angie and I almost didn't want to leave after their grand sparkler exit at the end of the night.

I love Jenna's smile!

Each of the bridesmaid's flower bouquets were a different color and had jeweled letters for their names.

I adore this picture.

Not your average barn. This barn was made for parties!

Jenna made all of these. I believe she is even starting her own business doing these for other brides-to-be. She's got talent!
This was one of my favorite parts to the reception set up....seating areas for the guests done beautifully with coordinating fabric!

Jenna and Eric used their engagement pictures we did last fall as their table numbers. This is a great way to display your engagement photos!

Great wedding guys!

Monday, October 29, 2007

10.29.07 : : A Lovely Day

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child smile a real, genuine smile. Especially if said child is not prone to smiling. ;)

Lily Grace is a beautiful little girl who's family attends our church and today I did her 1 year session. The lighting was beautiful and the fall colors were perfect.

And this morning I started out my day in Holland photographing Jordan and Alison in downtown Holland. Before 10 a.m.! That is an early start for photographing in my normal weekday life. Especially on a Monday. But we couldn't have asked for a more perfect morning and we enjoyed our walk in beautiful downtown Holland.