Thursday, December 27, 2007

12.27.07 : : Bird is the Word

I know, I know...another bird post. But look at this wildlife! Some people never get to see such beauty up close.

Jason's grandparents have many feeders on their property and I did my best to capture some of the birds that came to visit.

I also spent most of my day in a car today so this was about it for picture-taking for me. And posting a week's worth of POTDs. It's good to be back to my high-speed internet. Although, being without a few days was kind of a nice vacation too.

Thanks to all who were so patient in waiting and for those who wrote such sweet emails saying how much you enjoy these pictures each day. I swear I won't go this long again without posting.

And finally, of the family cats.

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Amanda said...

I bet snowball would like those birds ;)