Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Through My Lens : : Portugal

I know many of you have been asking when I would be posting the pictures of Portugal that I took when I was away at Jessica + Tyler's wedding a few weeks ago and I am totally aware that this post is way past due. The truth is...this is busy season. Summer is busy, but fall...it's really busy and I have been putting my clients and workload ahead of even having the opportunity to look through the literally thousands of pictures I took while away.

Tonight, as I picked out a few to post, was bittersweet. I truly can't convey with mere words the beauty of this countryside...the castle ruins, the people, the sights, smells and good times I shared with my friend Jen, driving our tiny manual-transmission car and getting lost down the winding roads.

It was a trip that I'll truly never forget. It was my first time in Europe. I know it won't be my last. There are a lot of pictures that I chose to post tonight, but I still haven't even looked through the majority. I'll save some later for a rainy or snowy day when I'm feeling nostalgic, but I hope that you enjoy these.

Also, I hope to post tomorrow our Trash the Dress session that we had with Jess & Ty, but thankfully Jen had a chance to post some today if you're still hungry for more pictures from our time in Portugal.

One of our delicious meals. This at a seaside restaurant during our trash the dress session with Jessica and Tyler.
The Villa

This castle was nestled right into the city of Loule', my favorite city we visited while there.

Portugal had some amazingly constructed bridges. This picture really doesn't do this bridge justice...it was taken from while driving down the road from the backseat.
The Portuguese love their grafitti...it was all over any abandoned building or bridge.

I was awestruck by these little fishing shacks along the beach.
Even an ocean away I could not resist photographing the dogs that roamed about.

We passed by many castle ruins along the auto route. I wished we had had more opportunity to explore them...this was another picture taken while speeding along in the car.
Espresso! We enjoyed at least one of these every morning along with the delicious pastries. The pastries were amazing and the one thing I tell Jen every time we talk that I miss. Unfortunately I have no pictures to share as they were consumed immediately after purchase. My favorite was the noted natas pastry, a custard-based delight.
One morning as we headed out to the market in Quarteira in search of breakfast and sadly more shopping (we had to shop for clothes every day as we had no luggage) we came upon a fish market with fish being brought from the fishing boats.

This man was selling clams at the roadside
Jen, looking contemplative and right at home here.

The fountain in the square of my beloved Loule'.

Megan + Matt : : Engaged

Late Sunday afternoon, I headed from our trash the dress location and up to see Megan + Matt at Matt's family cabin also on Silver Lake.

Megan and Matt are a couple that I knew I was going to enjoy my time with. Their happy and loving personalities, two adorable pups, and a variety of amazing locations, I knew this was sure to be a fabulous session.

Matt's family cabin was located right on the lake, close to the dunes, and we had the entire area all to ourselves. The air was filled with hints of fall and as much as I love the summer weather, it was a welcome feeling.

Megan and Matt - I cannot wait for your wedding next year and I hope you two enjoy your preview!