Friday, January 4, 2008

12.28.07 - 1.03.07: My Week in Review

Yes, I've been taking a bit of a holiday from my POTD blog. And although I haven't posted much in the past week, I have been taking pictures every day. I appreciate you all being so patient and I promise I won't let it go like this again. Taking a break from everything for a few weeks though has allowed me to relax and get excited for the year ahead!

So here now, is my week in review:

December 28, 2007:

This was my Christmas ornament from Jason's family...a tiny tree filled with shoes. I think they know me pretty well.

December 29, 2007:

Following my cat Mia around the house.

December 30, 2007:

I am mildly obsessed with taking pictures of the birds outside of my window.
December 31, 2007:

Last day to purchase tax write-offs! My splurge? A new fisheye lens. This was my helpful sales associate at Norman's Camera.

And of course, celebrating the new year with a bit of bubbly!
January 1, 2008:

Happy New Year! My new 2008 planner to start off the new year with organization.

January 2, 2008:

My husband serenading me with his guitar.

January 3, 2008:

My new obsession...puzzles! How retro.

And there you have it friends. Thanks for sticking with me.


Skylar said...

I love your pictures!

Leda Vander Laan said...

Looks like a busy "week off." ;)

I hope Daniel took good care of you! what'd ya get a 10mm? LOVE mine.

Here's to a fabulous 2008!

Christina said...

Hey, that's the guy that taught the manual settings class and the photoshop class. he is really nice! Really intrigued by those fisheyes but I have a long way to go before I get one of those.

Sara said...

first - it was GREAT seeing you and Jen today. Second - thanks for the POTDs, I always love them. And third - absolutely LOVE the fish eye lens :) See you soon!

Amanda said...

Well, don't let that slacking happen again! ;) Love the shoe tree and the super cute pink planner!!!!!!!!

Jules said...

Awesome picture of Mia! Oh, and your husband too jamming on his guitar!