Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sabrina, Hannah, and Levi

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this family (all of whom looked like they were ready for their Ralph Lauren photo shoot!) late this afternoon. They admitted it had been quite a while since they had a family picture and sometimes just the idea....a family picture....can bring on dread! and fear! and clothing choices! to mind. But I told everyone to have fun, relax and let me do the work. Let the kids be kids and the parents enjoy the time. And what a fun time we had! I loved playing around in the cool grass on a perfect spring day.

It does not get any more precious than this my friends.

It wasn't all work and no play though! These kids just received their trampoline yesterday and were excited to show it off. I even taught them a few tricks from when I had one of these (sans safety netting around the side) when I was a kid.

And this picture just made me laugh...the whole family is looking at a lovely scene in the woods, but little Sabrina breaks the gaze to see what I'm doing hiding down in the shrubs. Adorable!

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Lisa Stone said...

Oh. These baby girls belong in a magazine! You have captured the essence of little girl childhood!