Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amy + Jordan : : Engaged!

Sometimes the stars align perfectly and everything just falls into place. That was exactly the case tonight with Amy and Jordan's engagement session. Amy and Jordan are getting married next July and both live in Buffalo, NY. They happened to be in town this week and it worked out perfectly to have their session this evening. Amazing spring weather, great lighting and an all-around fabulous session.

How lucky were we to happen upon this fabulous little yellow scooter? Total Score!! I love the collaboration of colors happening here against the grungy brick wall. My kinda shoot!

Being in love makes you want to jump for joy!
You know I couldn't resist this shot!
Amy really had a hard time getting that 'sassy' look mastered just so.
Obviously...I'm completely joking! She was rocking that sassy look!

I've been all about the tree shots lately. Love the drama!

Amy and know I'm looking forward to your wedding next year after such a fun session. I hope your drinks and desserts at La Dolce Vita were fabulous this evening!


The Loucks Family said...

Thank you :-)

That first picture of the engagement session rocks!

Uniquely Yours said...

Great shots Amy! I LOVE the blue dress!!!

Bree - Rheumatoid Arthritis said...

Simply the locations and I am loving the tree shots lately!

Michelle@Memorable Events said...

Totally sheik! Love it!

Amanda said...

LOVE the tree pictures!

Lisa Stone said...

Trees and brick walls are my favorites!