Thursday, April 10, 2008

4.10.08 : : Mommy, Daddy, and a New Little Baby

Derek was born just 10 days ago to our friends Martin and Heather. If you remember, they were in just a few short weeks before celebrating their bump. And now, they have this wonderful, beautiful little boy in their home bringing them more happiness than they ever could have imagined.

Today I went to their home to capture their little guy in all of his newborn cuteness.

It is very rare to get a smile out of a little one so young! This one loves the camera already. sweet is this picture?!
Martin and Heather....we are SO excited for your new family and that little Derek is blessing your lives. A big congratulations to you both!


Amanda said...


Angie said...

He is beautiful!! Congratulations you two!! The pictures are amazing Amy ... I just love them! This almost makes me miss that newborn stage ... almost...:-)

Anonymous said...

That picture of Dad and Son is super cute.

JK Photography said...

These are AMAZING!!! I love them :)