Friday, April 11, 2008

4.11.08 : : My Life In a Movie

One of the only regrets I had from my wedding nearly three years ago was the that we did not hire a videographer. Not only because it would be totally awesome to pop that video in once in a while and remember how fun it was to wear my dress, but mainly because it was the one and only time I've seen my adorable husband tear up. As soon as my dad started walking me down the aisle, I looked up at the alter to see my handsome groom start wiping away tears. Tears! That was totally video-worthy! Brides...don't let this happen to you. Hire this guy...Justin VanAntwerp. Not only is he a super sweet guy, he's also a fabulous videographer.

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Justin and talk to him about his passion for videography and do a fun photo shoot with him. I first heard about Justin from my good friend Lindsay and after exchanging a few emails, I knew I had to meet with him and help spread the word. Check him out on his website at He has competitive rates and a passion for what he does.

This is Lindsay with her red, white and fabulous shoes. She's totally fun and fearless and of course I couldn't let her go home without taking some pictures of her.


Anonymous said...

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JK Photography said...

Oh I hope I get a chance to work with him this year, I wish we had done a video too!