Saturday, March 15, 2008

3.15.08 : : Triple the Fun

This morning and afternoon were packed with photo shoot goodness as I had a maternity shoot, an engagement shoot and a family shoot all back to back. I only have a few Saturday's left before wedding season will be in full swing so I have many that have been taking advantage of me having this day open.

This adorable couple is getting married at the end of May and although we would have loved just a bit warmer temps, we had a fabulous time photographing in and around the area of the new downtown art museum. This area had a special significance to these two love birds as this is where Blair proposed to his fiance'. Awww!

I always love a fun action shot.

These happy parents-to-be are actually friends of my husband and I and there first little one should be here any day now.
This first picture is so sweet...a happy, in-love couple celebrating their little baby bump.
And while technically, this picture is all over the place...this is so them. So excited, sweet and silly. I can't wait to meet little Baby...... Oh that's wouldn't tell me the name! I can't stand not knowing!
And finally this adorable family came in for some updated family photos and I couldn't have enjoyed working with them more.
Little Emma wasn't so sure about the camera to start but with a face this cute she's going to have to warm up to the idea!

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