Saturday, January 5, 2008

1.04.08 : : Congratulations Nikki & Scott!

Today marked my first official wedding of 2008!
The beautiful Nikki and her handsome groom Scott were married today in a beautiful evening ceremony. The couple was even brave enough to head outside for their pictures this afternoon. Looking back at them, you couldn't even tell how chilly they were. Way to brave it out you two!
I also had the pleasure of having Jen work with me as my second shooter today. Angie, who is typically there by my side, was in Florida this week and Jen was kind enough to step in and shoot with me for the day. It was fun collaborating with her and doubling up our creativity. Thanks again Jen! You rocked it yesterday!

Jen directing the boys on how to look fabulous.


Amanda said...


Pretty flowers!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like double trouble to me!!!