Monday, November 10, 2008

Tara + Matt : : Preview Gallery

Saturday, November 1, 2008

: : Tara and Matt were married at St. Gerard in Lansing, MI : :
: : The reception was at the beautiful Eagle Eye Golf Club : :
: : Tara wore the same necklace her mom did on her wedding day : :
: : Tara and Matt were all smiles, all day : :
: : They met while attending Lansing Catholic. We drove there during our time taking pictures after the ceremony to get some pictures where it all began : :
: : In lieu of a guestbook, they had a handmade quilt in their wedding colors that the guests signed and put their well-wishes on. So unique and so beautiful! : :

: : Matt put together a spectacular array of gifts for Tara to open on the morning of their wedding. There were lovely gifts, such as pearl earrings and the salt and pepper shaker set from their china, but he also had a sense of humor with some of the gifts. Their first date together was to the movies and Matt forgot his money so Tara had to pay for the whole date. They can now call it even : :

Behind the Scenes:
Angie and I look a lot alike from the back don't we?


Tara said...

I love them!! I have been hitting refresh on your blog every hour it seems! Well worth the wait. Thank you so much! :)

nicole green said...

this looks like a great wedding! i love that he had gifts for her all morning! the movie theater story was SO cute! :)

Shana said...

I have to say I love Tara's choice of dress and pearls. I had the same dress and wore my grandma's pearls for my wedding. :o) And how thoughtful of Matt to give such wonderful gifts! Amy wonderful pictures as always. I'm always in awe of your talent!

Amy said...

Tara- You were a beautiful bride! Love the photos!