Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sandy + Michael : : Preview Gallery

Saturday, August 16 : : Grand Haven Golf Club

Sometimes when I sit down to write my little synopsis of a wedding, I feel like a broken record. I know I say so often that I have such amazing clients...but once again, the case is more than true with Sandra and Michael.

When I met Sandy at the Grand Haven Golf Club she and her sister were quietly getting ready, putting on the finishing touches before we all took off to do some portraits of just her and Mike. I asked if she wanted me to set up something for the first time they saw each other that day, but she responded that it wasn't necessary. When he walked through the doors and they laid eyes on each other for the first time, it was not set up, no big 'ta da'. It was just a beautiful, real moment between the two of them. Both excited to see the other and ready to get married.

When Sandy and I met last year to discuss their day, we both had this vision of traipsing through a wheat field for some of their pictures. I did some scouting, as did she, and we both found some fields nearby to the club weeks before their date. Unfortunately, harvest-time was just before their wedding and we had to think of a new location. A nearby field, filled with wild flowers was just perfect.

After our time alone we headed to nearby Kirk Beach to meet up with the wedding party. I was loving the colors...the bright pinks of the girls dresses, the colorful ties on the groomsmen and the purple and ivory flowers...so amazing!
Sandy gave each of her bridesmaids this delicate little locket containing a picture of her with each of them. I loved this touch and the small bird on each necklace matched the theme of their day.

As I mentioned in their sneak preview post, I had the fabulous Darrin Wassom with me as my second shooter for the day. He did an amazing job and would welcome him along anytime!And this picture just truly made me laugh...Darrin had grabbed my shoes for me as we were walking back and I turned around just in time to see him shooting while my totally impractical heels dangled from his fingers. Darrin...you're a total trooper!
Seeing Double: Mike has an identical twin brother and when we first all met together at Kirk Beach, I noticed that Mike had taken off his tie and jacket and I was completely confused as we were in a bit of a hurry. Then I turned around to see that Mike hadn't done either of those things, but that I was gazing at his brother who had yet to put the rest of his outfit together.

Ready to walk down the aisle


During their receiving line, I happened to see Mike just looking at his new bride. I love this look he is giving her...completely adorable and one I saw often throughout the day.

Sandy and her mom put an amazing amount of time into the details of their day. Sandy's mom even grew the flowers used in the centerpieces herself. They turned out completely beautiful!

Sandy and Michael - Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful day. I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon traveling the beautiful Vermont countryside. Blessings to you both!


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love love love the dress!!!!! I think the kissing forehead picture is my fav!

Darrin Wassom said...

Beautiful photos!! With the exception of the two of me. Ugh. My wife was right - I should have never cut off all my hair...... And should stop eating donuts. : )

It was a great honor getting to work with you!


Lisa said...

THe picture with Darrin holding your shoes is classic!! Her flowers were amazing and the beach shots are very romantic.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos as always. I couldn't help but notice how beautifully their colors match with your blog. How sweet of them. :)

jen said...

I love this wedding Amy, you did an awesome job on these :) I love the one of Darrin holding your shoes too!

Cowashee said...

HI! I was at the wedding, and I'm so glad that Sandy found you to do her photos! They are exactly what she told us she wanted!