Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Lauryn : : 2 Years!

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of once again working with little Lauryn and her mom and dad at Spring Grove Park. I photographed Lauryn for the first time last year, celebrating her first birthday and it was totally great seeing how much she's grown since then!

Can you believe the adorableness?

Betsy, Lauryn's mom, is someone I have bonded with over the past year because of a little show called 'The Hills'. After each episode we will email to discuss the episodes which is totally indulgent and fun, and also because, friends all think I'm a little crazy for watching it. But the clothes, the's all so delishisly addicting!
Yesterday, Betsy asked if I would take some headshots for her for a new venture she's starting with local realty company Art Realty. I told her I would link back to the company because I actually was pretty impressed with the way this company is run. If anyone is in the market, this site is worth checking out.

Thanks again guys for coming out to see me! Enjoy your preview!


jen said...

SO CUTE!!! Love these :)

Melissa said...

Lauryn is an absolute doll. I love the black and white photo at the end, her hair is just to cute.