Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Andrew : : Six Months!

Many of you remember seeing the pictures of when little Andrew was born. Can you believe it was six months ago already? How did that happen?! It feels like just yesterday, but this evening he was in my studio again, totally adorable and ready to have his picture as a six month old little boy.

I love this picture of Mary smooching on his kissable little cheek.

Andrew was all smiles and happiness today and without his three older sisters around to distract him, he was all mine. The best part...having chinese food goodness with him and Mary afterwards. A perfect evening!


Anonymous said...


all I can say is WOW! I've been following your blog for a while now and have been unbelievably amazed!! Your work is absolutely fabulous and captures more emotion in a single photograph than I've ever seen.

I'm a graphic design student, but I have a great passion for photography! Your pictures have clarity that i've never seen before. What camera do you use?? Do you have a favorite lens? You are so inspiring! :) have you been doing this long? and one last question.. do you have any tips? (sorry for all of the questions!!) I know you must be super busy in the midst of the wedding season!

if you have the time you could email me back at

again.. beautiful, fab and so inspiring!


Bree said...

Oh lil' Andrew is so handsome! Each one of those pictures are my favorite because they are all so fabulous. Love them...totally made me smile!!!

Lisa said...

This little boy is a doll!! Love the blue eyes, you know I have a thing for that. His outfits were super cute, what a dude!!