Saturday, January 12, 2008

1.12.08 : : A Baby Story

Early this morning...3:55 to be phone rang. Immediately I knew it was my friend Mary, telling me she was in labor.

A few months ago Mary, a close childhood friend, asked if I might be interested in capturing the birth of their fourth (and final) child. I immediately agreed!

Knowing that she was getting close to her due date, I went to bed Friday night with the phone close to my bed. My intuition was right on.

Never having witnessed a birth before, I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. I must admit that while I was excited, I was also just a tad apprehensive. I have a severe medical phobia and was hoping their blessed moment bringing in their new baby wasn't cut short by me passing out on the delivery room floor.

Thankfully that was not the case. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I've been able to witness. And if any of you are worried that I might be sharing the actual pictures of the actual birth...fear not. They won't be posted here.

Here is an excited mom-to-be as she arrived at the hospital (Mary, forgive me for posting this. I think you look adorable here).
All looks good so far!

Ken, waiting patiently. Although, there wasn't a lot of waiting to be done. This baby was in a hurry to make his debut!

One last picture of the bump.
Oh my goodness....why so many of these?! I was starting to get a little nervous upon seeing this tray.
Mary, look gorgeous. You don't even look like you're having a contraction here.

And now!....


Introducing Andrew Carson, seconds old, a little purple, and all kinds of smooshy-faced cuteness!
Happy Birthday Andrew! Look at all of that hair!
It's love at first site.
Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.Being born can really tire a little guy out!

His first bath.

His first swaddle.His first bottleHis first adorable hat.

Congratulations Ken and Mary! Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing day.


Christina said...

What a great story for you to shoot! She does look great and looks so calm too. Andrews is adorable.

Julie said...

Amy- you did an awesome job capturing my little nephew Andrew's birth. Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks.

Amanda said...

Great pics Amy! Glad you didn't pass out!

aletha jo said...

Amazing pics, Amy. I'm def. calling you when I go into labor (of course, I will let you know'll be waiting at least 4 more years!) Happy Birthday, Andrew! Ooh, and glad you didn't pass out. Almost certain I would!

Heather Moore said...

Such amazing photos Amy! What beautiful photos to cherish forever.

Rachael said...

Just amazing. He is just too cute! I'm glad you didnt pass out!!!

JK Photography said...

What an amazing experience for you! I am so proud of you for not passing out...LOL!!
Just amazing pictures girl, you rock!

Anonymous said...

You can tell she is a pro, she makes it look easy!! What a great idea and awesome experience. Makes me want another!! SSHH don't tell Harth

SondrasInk said...

OMG I love them. Actually made my eyes water. I am out of baby stage now (I have 4 children already) and it's so bittersweet to think back and to share in someone else's special arrival!