Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating Cupcakes and Playing Dress Up

Last night the fabulous Becca from Lil' Miss Cupcakes brought her yummy treats to September's Bride so that everyone could sample the goodness for themselves. Aletha from Pearl's Events was there as was the amazing Jen of JK Photography, my fabulous studio partner.

Here are some of the cute and delish cupcakes baked fresh just for the night's event. They were going quickly which was good on two levels: 1. that many people were able to sample these tiny treats and 2. because that meant it kept me from stuffing my mouth with every single one of them.
What is Angie, my fabulous second-shooter, doing in a wedding dress?! You're married girlfriend!! This is ridiculous!
Ok. Jen and I tried them on too. We couldn't help it!! This store is full of amazing gowns! Brides-t0-be...if you are getting married and don't have your dress...head to Holland! You will NOT be disappointed.
Notice the shoes on my feet. Zebra print shoes with a lovely vintag-y gown. They totally go together!
Here's the lovely Tami on the right. How cute is she?!
This bride thing has gone to my head. I thought I was Miss America out there! But seriously, I was loving this dress!

(And thanks to Angie for snapping the pictures while I played dress up. You are fabulous dahling!)

For those that didn't make it out last night, you missed a totally fun event and the chance to taste some truly decadent treats. Becca makes not only yummy cupcakes but she makes them look amazing too. Give her a call for your next event and wow your guests. You can link to her site here.


Angie said...

OMG how fun ... I totally want to go try on more wedding dresses!! They had beautful ones there ... we could have spent all day trying them on! And Becca ... the cupcakes were fabulous!!!! I could have eaten every single one but I used self control and limited myself to 1...:-) It wasn't easy!!

Amanda said...

I miss trying on wedding dresses.

Erin L. Roels said...

You girls looked too sweet in those dresses! I love that shop in Holland!

aletha @ pearls events said...

I grabbed a photo for my blog post today! They look amazing--and it was great catching up with you last night. See ya Tuesday!

Christina said...

Just a couple of comments - LOVE your hair and I love your pose in the second gown B&W picture. Looks like a total red carpet pose. How fun!

Lisa Stone said...

Oh wow! It is sooo cool to see my jewelry on you beautiful girls! I don't always get to see how my ideas look with a wedding gown!! Thanks for the experience. I just wish I could have been there. I hope you all had fun trying on my sparklies!!

Lisa said...

You girls are hilarious, what fun!!

lil' Miss Cupcake said...

Thanks for coming!! :)

Lori said...

I was in Rachel and Tim's wedding above, so she sent me here to see a preview of the pics, and then I see this post and I totally saw you guys outside that store and you invited my boyfriend and I to come in and eat the free cupcakes. We came out and he said he ate 5 of them in like 2 minutes. Anyways, I didn't realize it was you, the same photographer from a few days earlier. Funny. ;) All the pictures look so great!! Thanks!