Friday, April 25, 2008

Contratulations Tom and Deb!

Early this afternoon Tom was wed to the beautiful Deb. They had a simple ceremony downtown, witnessed by close family.

I was asked to do a small photo session with them afterwards and so met them downtown. We couldn't have asked for more lovely weather....perfectly overcast, warm, and pink and white blossoms on the trees everywhere!

I love this shot. I feel so limited by this blog design and wish I could make this image larger on the screen. It loses it's effect being shown so small here.

This was Deb's grandmother's ring, worn on her right hand during the ceremony. Beautiful and so much meaning.
This is Ella, Deb's adorable daughter. I turned around just as she was jumping off of a small ledge. She looks like she's flying!

Much love and happiness to you both! May this be an incredible start to your lives together.


kelly powers said...

i love the simplicity and intimacy of these shots...really beautiful amy! and thanks for the feedback about my onelight shots. it was a ton of information that i'm still processing. happy weekend!

Lisa Stone said...

Just gorgeous. You truly have a vision. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful shots at September's Bride the other night! My jewelry is being featured and it is thrilling to see your pictures with my pieces in them! Thanks for the chance. I've linked you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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