Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 4 - March 7 : : Hawaii Wrap-Up

Yes, I realized that it's been awhile since I've posted. Almost a week now to be exact and for that I do apologize. And no, I'm not dead or decided to stay on the island of Kauai as many have asked through email, Although the thought of staying did cross my mind a few dozen times. The $450,000 price tags on the small houses on the island cured that pretty quickly though.

So this is my wrap-up, a few of my 4000 pictures that I took for you to see. I'm still not fully back on Michigan time and I have to admit I'm a bit depressed as I sit here typing this while looking outside at the snowflakes falling.

Warning - there are a LOT of pictures ahead. Grab a glass of wine, or if you're reading this Monday morning, a nice hot cup of Kona coffee.
If you look behind these kayakers, you can see the large fin of a humpback whale. You can't imagine how envious I was at them! At the Spouting Horn Blow Hole

A beautiful black sand beach.

This tiny bird was on top of Kauai's grand canyon.
Lovin' the fish-eye

You're on top of the world Kenric!

We loved this mural painted on the Red Dirt Shirt store's wall.

See the mansion in this picture? I think I could live here comfortably.
Our last Hawaiian sunset.

This man was playing the mandolin as we were boarding our plane to come home. Sigh.
Jason, Dan and Angie and I took a day trip to Oahu on Tuesday to spend the day frolicking on Waikiki Beach and shopping. Really...what's a vacation without some shopping?!

The wonder twins.
I don't know these people but I was digging thier matching star shorts.

The famed Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the background.

I have no idea how that arrow got there.
A sunrise.
A sunset along the North Shore.

There is nothing more adorable than cute naked babies on the beach.

Doggy love.
Chickens love the beach too. And boys will be boys and will torment chickens on the beach with food.

There is nothing more romantic than standing on a Hawaiian beach. Carol and Kenric got caught up in the moment.

Hawaiian Monk Seals are one of the world's most endangered species. I felt extremely blessed to be able to see them in the wild.

The famed Nene Goose...Hawaii's official state bird.
A taro field. Taro is a root vegetable and is used for making poi. If you've never tasted poi before fear not. You aren't missing a terribly tasty treat.

The End. Mahalo.


Angie said...

As I sit here and feel my wonderful tan slowly fade away all I can think is, I just want to go back!

Lisa said...

These are gorgeous!! I love the stuid factory photo has to be my favorite, sorry Dan. I also the like very first pic, the detail in the distance is amazing and I have to play with that fish eye lens, that is wicked cool!! I so want to take pics like you Amy, they are amazing. Still jealous but thanks for sharing.

kelly powers said...

stunning images! makes me want to go back....

Christina said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!

Maggie said...

Amazing!!!Of course I love the doggie one : )