Monday, March 3, 2008

3.2.08 : : Hawaii Day 4

Today was a pretty mellow day complete with strolls along the beach, jaunts into town and an afternoon spent at the beach catching waves on our boogie boards. And every day spent here so far I've met new and interesting people, cats, dogs, and today...a bird.

The above picture is probably one of my favorites that I've taken so far on this trip. It combines three things I love greatly...the beach, surfing, and a chihuahua! This little dog actually rode right on the surfboard and was making me miss my small chihuahu back at home. I wonder how Tanner would enjoy the ocean?

Birds like morning coffee and granola too.

Her name is Samantha and her favorite morning coffee spot is Hawaii's Java Kai. It's my favorite spot too.
Not only do chickens have the run of the island but so do the cats. This one rings up customers at this local Kauai store.
My new dog friend Ebony.
And just a few random shots.

Nothing says practical hiking and beach attire like sparkly pink sandels.


taxitalk said...

very nice images, you know what your doing

Heather Moore said...

Amazing photos Ms. Amy! Wish I were in Hawaii! It looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Amy - I am worried about you - where are you??? haven't heard from you since Monday - SOO JEALOUS that you have gone to Hawaii four times!!!!