Sunday, February 3, 2008

2.3.08 : : Football and Cars...Not My Girliest Post

The West Michigan Auto Show is one that my husband and I annually trek to each year. Jason has a great love for cars and although I only had a few I wanted to scope out for myself, I'm always happy to walk along with him and take some pictures. When I have a camera in hand, there is always something to take a picture of.

And that something this year was a very pink, very fabulous classic Ford Thunderbird.

You never know who you might run into at these things. Today I ran into a baby I know. Hi Andrew!
I thought it was getting ridiculous with all of the celebrities who have their own fragrences. Apparently, now even cars are jumping on the bandwagon.
And then of course, today was Super Bowl Sunday. I love Super Bowl Sunday...not really because of the game, but because it's a great excuse to spend time with friends and loved ones and eat lots of unhealthy, but delicious, snack foods. I also am one that truly does enjoy watching the clever commercials that advertisers pay so heavily for you to watch. This year's favorite? Possibly the Audi car commercial right at the beginning. Perhaps it has something to do with all those cars we saw earlier. Anyone care to share their favorite?

I did not bake these cookies. They were tasty though!
Jen has just about the same look of enthusiasm in this picture as I did. Although I will say I think she was more into the game than I was. Wally (Jen's husband) just wanted me to stop talking and put the camera down.
Sorry Patriots! We were totally rooting for ya'll to win!


Amanda said...

I was rooting for the Patriots too :( I missed the last touchdown and was so confused!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the stud in the hat sitting on the end of the couch there? He is sooo...HOT!!! Is he single? Is that blonde girl next to him his girlfriend? Or just a friend? BTW You have such a natural gift for photography. I really admire your work! Thanks for the Picture of the day, it always gives me something to look forward to!!

Lisa said...

Leave it to you to find the pink car and "perfume" at the car show!! Go Brady, I was so bummed!!

Anonymous said...

that Wally guy, TOTAL HOTTIE. Your friend Jen is a lucky gal. The two of you should take your husbands on vacation, they deserve it.