Saturday, February 2, 2008

2.2.08 : : Oh Baby!

Today I had the pleasure of working with not one, but two adorable little ones!
This was this little ones first trip to the studio but she acted like a pro. I think she was loving the attention!
Look at the big, beautiful bright eyes.

Little Christopher is a regular to my studio, but now that this little guy is more mobile and full of curiosity, the last thing he wanted to do was sit on a boring backdrop. There was exploring to be done!
Sitting down with Dad seemed to work for a little while.


Amanda said...

Adorable babies :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My !!! Great Shots!!! and thats just the beginning, I'm so excited!

Both little ones are cuties!

Beth said...

I'm thinking those were most likely the only 3 cute shots of him you got out of what, 300? LOL.

M is ADORABLE and you're right, she is a total pro!!!

Lisa said...

I like the pink hoodie!!