Monday, November 19, 2007

11.19.07 : : Old Fashioned

Not often used anymore these days, but so lovely.


Tami said...

I do like the convenience of push-button; but they don't look near as cool as the rotary, do they?

BTW, THANKS for sending "Heather" in to my store. She visited on Saturday and found a silk gown that she looked fantastic in - what a nice girl, too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Carroll,
This phone is so slender and sleek.
It is also very classy, regal and elegant. Qualities that I believe this phone shares with the person whom captured it's beauty. Have a great day and thank you for enriching all of our lives with your God given talents.

aletha @ pearls events said...

If that's the phone from Pottery Barn--I have the red wall one hanging in my kitchen! It's so cute :)