Sunday, November 18, 2007

11.18.07 : : Go Colts!

While I don't particularly get into football, or team sports in general, it was hard not to catch the excitement in the air today as the Colts' fans filled the city with blue and white and enough energy to almost offset my need for coffee in the morning. Almost.

This band was awesome.

This couple was feeling it so much they had to dance!
Me looking every bit a football fan.Getting the all important morning coffee. They are looking pretty chipper pre-coffee with a camera in their face.

If I see a dog, I must take it's picture.

One thing I love about traveling and seeing new cities is taking in all of the fabulous architecture.


Amanda said...

How fun!

JK Photography said...

So who won?
Love the puppy pics :)

Amy Carroll said...

I should have noted that we didn't actually attend the game...we merely walked down to see the festivities. We spent the day walking around the city and shopping ;)

Angie said...

The Colts won of course ... even though we didn't attend the game my husband made it a point to find out the score. I think Amy was taking a power-nap on the shuttle when we found this out...:-) Go Colts! lol

Christina said...

Your outfit (which is adorable and you have great taste) is cracking me up when thinking about it interacting in a football environment..

CresceNet said...
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Julie S said...

You and your fabulous purse really do play the role of "football fan" quite well :)