Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11.14.07 : : Out and About In D.C.

Take two avid photographers and put them in the nation's capital and you are bound to get a lot of photographs. So I am featuring a few from the few hours we spend in Washington D.C. I could have spent an entire week here!

Jen was so much fun to trek around with. We were both snapping shot after shot of anything and everything that looked interesting. And I love how we mirror each other in style and passion in what we do!

You can see some more pictures of our time in D.C. on Jen's blog.

Protecting the White House

I loved this man's tie!

Disclaimer #1: Taking pictures from a moving car while driving is probably not the smartest, nor safest idea.
But when you see scenes this lovely:

And cool angles...'s hard to put the camera down.
Jen was at a disadvantage to take them for me as she was busy navigating us out of the city.

Disclaimer #2: Pulling over on the freeway is both illegal and highly dangerous.
But...there is no way two photographer's could pass this barn in Pennsylvania up. It was just that cool.

And I feel I should mention this, just in case someone ever thinks that picking up a package of sugar-free Jelly Belly's is a good idea, it's not. Put the bag down, and go for the real thing. Trust me on this one.


Amanda said...

What was on his tie?

JK Photography said...

Hahahaha, I totally forgot about the guy with the tie!!
Although very dangerous to drive and photography, you got a really great shot of that bridge :)
This was too much fun, I can't wait to go again!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Fun! I wish I could go there too....Someday though!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah what lens did you use for these pictures! NICE!

Amy Carroll said...

Amanda - those were little elephants on his tie.

Shutterbug - I was using both my 35-70 f2.8 and my wide-angle 10-20 f4 lens.

Rachael said...

Just gorgeous!