Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10.31.07 : : Happy Halloween from Tanner J.

Tanner LOVES being dressed up as you can likely tell from this photograph. He helped me pass out candy tonight dressed as a ladybug. The kids loved it. Tanner...not so much.

This family is adorable. The kids did great, especially for it being a fun holiday and they were itching to be out trick-or-treating.

We did let them dress up though. And I even gave them a piece of candy at the end! That always works well as a bribe.

And last, but not least...a Halloween Rainbow!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Holy freakin' cow!!! That rainbow is the BOMB YO DIGGITY!!! I mean...the timeless image of natural beauty that you have captured with your keen sense of the subject matter has left me breathless and I will treasure your artistic talent for the rest of my are truly a blessing...thank you!

Belle Fleur said...

Ah, Tanner is too cute as a ladybug, although he looks less than amused! Those kids are adorable in their costumes and that rainbow is awesome, Amy!

Christina said...

Beautiful family. Love Tanner. You got the rainbow!! I had my camera but was afraid to get it wet...

Amanda said...

Awsome Rainbow!!!!

Tanner is so cute! When are you bringing him over to meet Miss Ladybug Addie?!?!? I am going to try to post pics from our Halloween tomorrow.

Lisa said...

I love the family pics, look good, I love those boys!!
Tanner is super cute as always!!
I saw the rainbow and hoped you got a chance to capture it as my camera wasn't with me!!

Amanda said...

I just posted pics of my ladybug ;)