Thursday, October 18, 2007

10.18.07 : : Oh So Cute!

Little Jack made his second trip to the studio today for his six-month session and brought along his mom and dad. The foot shot was one we did when Jack's parents were expecting him earlier this year and we recreated it today, now able to add little Jack's feet, too!

How cute is this little guy?!

This afternoon I also had a senior session with Heather. I loved chatting with Heather today as she and I both share a great love for animals! She and her mom both volunteer at the Humane Society which I thought was awesome. I would love to do volunteering there, but I'm afraid I'd come home with every cute puppy someone brought in.

It was wonderful being outside at the park today shooting in such mild temperatures. And the lighting and colors were just perfect, as was Heather's perfect fall wardrobe for her pictures today.


Amanda said...

LOVE the feet picture!!! I wish we would have thought to do that, it is SO cute! Jack is a doll!

Julie, you picked the right outfits :) Love the little hat!

Very pretty background of the first senior picture, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Jack is sooo cute! Very good pics! I can't wait to see mine!!!

Heather Moore said...

Ah! Jack's photos are precious! Very cute outfits Julie!

cocojames said...

Jack is SO cute:) Great job! Love the feet pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather's photos turned out fantastic! She sure is a special young lady but I'm only her father so I may be bias.

MorganGabriel said...

Jack is such a cutie!! My fav. is the last one of him, he looks so much older in that picture though. The feet picture is really fun & cute too.