Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10.17.07 : : Couples in Love

Today I got to photograph not one, but two adorable couples out in Holland tonight. The first was Garen and Matt out in Centennial Park in Holland. I loved photographing these two and they were up for anything. We got some great shots and had such a fun time!

The next session was actually a continuation of a session from last week with Sara and Joe. We ran out of time but they really wanted to get a few pictures on the beach as that is where Joe proposed to Sara.


Maggie said...

LOVE the last shot!

Amanda said...

Love the last picture, it reminds me of a picture of my grandpa, I don't know if you remember the picture is hanging in my living room.
(did you reply to my email yet? don't know if I am having problems yet :[)