Monday, October 15, 2007

10.15.07 : : Fall is Family Time

This evening I did a family session with Eli and his mom & dad. Eli has been a familiar sight to this blog and he was even sporting a hot little number that was obviously purchased from someone who has impeccable taste (ok...I bought this for him for his birthday last winter).

I should also mention, in light of yesterday's post, that Eli was the first little baby that I started photographing, starting with his newborn shoot. I have really enjoyed watching this one grow up. Even if he's at a stage where having his picture taken is the very least thing he'd like to be doing at a park that needs exploring.


Lisa said...

You are amazing, we weren't giving you much to work with at all!! At least I know that there is one I like, I also like the color one of him, his eyes look amazing. Thanks again Amy!! We had lots of fun, as always. I will remember A for Amy and take your advice to heart!!

Angie said...

Awe ... so cute!! He is really growing up into a beautiful little boy. That is a great family pic of them as well ... to cute!