Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Priya + Raj : : Preview Gallery

Friday, November 28, 2008

: : Jen, Darrin, and I teamed up to shoot Raj and Priya's amazing wedding a few weeks ago : :
: : I started off bright and early with Raj and his family while
Jen was with Priya and her family and bridesmaids : :
: : The wedding ceremony took place at the Sikh Temple,
with an amazing breakfast prior to the wedding : :
: : Their reception, held at the Meijer Gardens, was spectacular.
Amazing decor, amazing food and amazing party! : :
: : Jen and I even dressed the part with our Indian outfits
purchased in Chicago a few months ago : :

Behind the Scenes:

Darrin rocking out his new lens
Darrin was nice enough to snap a few pictures of Jen and I before heading out for the night. Please keep in mind we had worked over 16 hours at this point and were just a bit tired.

Raj + Priya - Congratulations again! Your celebration was truly extraordinary to be a part of!


Ashley said...

stunning...absolutely stunning!

Amanda said...

I cannot even begin about how beautiful this wedding is! And Amy, you look fab! Love you and Jenn's dresses!

the moore family said...

Gorgeous! Love everything about this wedding!

Lisa said...

The colors are beautiful!! What a great opportunity to see another cultures traditions. Love the outfits, you looked great as always!!

lil' Miss Cupcake said...

What an amazing wedding! The colors are gorgeous and they look very much in love!
I'm glad you posted pictures of your dresses, fabulous!