Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rachel + Aaron : : Preview Gallery

Saturday, October 18, 2008

:: the wedding was at Trinity Lutheran Church and the reception at Westwood at the Crossing ::
:: a friend made the cake and was some of the best I've had this season ::
:: Rachel and Aaron live in the south ::
:: so did most of the wedding party ::
:: the bridesmaids called themselves the chocolate mafia ::
:: my favorite quote of the day was from Rachel. It was "when I die, I want to come back as a feather boa" ::
:: Aaron was nervous before the ceremony ::
:: There were a lot of tears ::
:: I witnessed a powerful bond of sisters ::
:: I cried during Aaron's toast to their parents ::
:: Rachel and Aaron had the perfect wedding day ::

Behind the Scenes:

I'm never afraid to get a little dirty for that perfect shot.
Angie's not afraid to give a little direction.

Rachel + Aaron : : I loved working with you both for this was perfect! I hope your travels home were good and you're enjoying your first week of being husband and wife. Cheers again!


Ashley said...

your pictures still amaze me! wonderful work! :)

Bree said...

awesome preview!

Jess and Tyler said...

Beautiful Amy! I love following your blog & seeing all the beautiful weddings! :-)

chelsea said...

amy, these are breathtaking! i was unable to be there and you captured reg and bowman's personalities perfectly!

Ashley and Rodney said...

I can't put into words the moments that you caught on camera. Your pictures really blow me away! You just have to come to South Carolina and take some pics for me!!! What a great job you do!

Rachel said...

amy! i love these! i don't even have words...

Anonymous said...

It's always so cool to drop by this site and see people I know!

Sondra's Ink said...

DAMN cute pics!! So much personality showing through!!!!!