Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dylan : : 2 Year Session

: : Dylan turned two years old on Thursday last week : :
: : Originally our session was scheduled for Monday. It rained : :
: : We rescheduled for Friday. It rained : :
: : The studio was warm and dry and we headed there instead : :
: : It was Dylan's mom's birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Jen! : :
: : Dylan gave out lots of smiles and was as sweet as can be : :


Lonely Paul said...


Lisa said...

Dylan is cute!! I love kids at this age they make the cutest expressions and say the funniest things. Childhood is so innocent. Thanks for capturing and sharing these memories

Anonymous said...

Dylan, you are my Great Nephew, but you really are a great kid! Also my favorite age. He is so inteligent, and just as comical as can be. Great job at getting him to sit still. Thanks for sharing!.How can you look at those beautiful sparkly eyes and not smile and wonder what he is up to next. Auntie Joy