Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lisa + Jeff : : Preview Gallery

On 08.08.08, Lisa and Jeff were married at their home church in Ravenna, MI with a reception to follow at the Knights of Columbus in Conklin. It was casual and fun and matched their personalities perfectly!

The day started off super unique, with Lisa and Jeff meeting downtown to see each other for the first time. A back alley-way it!

Afterwards, we had an hour and a half, just with the two of them, to walk around downtown exploring areas and getting some fabulous fun pictures.Lisa's gown was breathtaking and when I asked where she purchased it from, it was none other than our own September's Bride in Holland. Some of my favorite dresses I've seen on my fabulous brides come from there.

That's some crazy height!

Across the street from the church they were to be married at was this old stockyard area. Totally loving it for the group pictures!

Lisa put so much of her own touches into her day. She made the flowers, the programs and countless other touches.

And for their grand announcement into the reception, Jeff drove them both in on his Harley. Definitely an entrance none of the guests will be forgetting soon! Angie caught this great image below.

Jeff and Lisa - You know I loved working with you both and I loved your sense of adventure and willingness to go along with some of my crazy ideas on our trek downtown. I hope the honeymoon was amazing and that you enjoy your preview!


aletha :: pearls events said...

Ooh, love the urban ones!

Lisa said...

A Harley wedding, super cool!! Very unique and she is gorgeous!!

JK Photography said...

HA!! I love that Angie caught the shot of them on the motorcycle! Nice :)
Beautiful shots of them, they look like a fun couple :)