Friday, August 22, 2008

Kari + Nick : : Engaged!

This morning I woke up and looked outside only to see the skies clouding over and rain threatening to pour down any minute. I feared that my engagement session with Kari and Nick might be in jeopardy so we pushed it back a few hours.

So a few hours later...rain. But we didn't care and forged ahead anyway. It just forced me to think outside my normal realm of downtown possibilities. The result? A rockin' session in some unexpected places. Who says a parking ramp can't be fabulous?

The rain did stop right at the end of our session and we ran out to take advantage of the beautiful light.

Kari and Nick - One year from this very day you'll be walking down the aisle to wedding bliss. Can't wait to be there to capture every minute!


sticky said...

Hey Amy,

Very sweet e-session! That's the way to embrace the weather and dominate, nonetheless. Hope all is well up north.

kelly powers said...

i think it's good for us to have these challenges...pushes our creativity, keeps us on our toes, affirms that we do have skills! you're a rockstar amy...