Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kaitlyn + Jon : : Trash the Dress!

Kaitlyn and I have worked together a lot in the past year...from shooting her sassy boudoir session, to having her assist for a session last summer, to her attending our photography workshop, I have enjoyed getting to know this girl and her fun-loving attitude.

When she contacted me last month to see if I might be able to shoot a Trash the Dress Session for her and Jon's anniversary, I eagerly flipped open my calendar and we made our date. As much as I had gotten to know Kaitlyn, Jon I hadn't met yet!

The session started out dramatically...with getting a phone call from Jon saying they were stranded on the highway! I quickly rushed to their aide, put them in my car and we continued with our session anyway. Those two looked amazing! We were all still ready to rock it out and rock it out we did.

I always like to start by getting some fun shots, sweet shots, and shots that won't ruin the dress just yet.

After we played around downtown a bit we headed over to Riverside Park. The sun was setting and the air was cooling down. It was an absolutely perfect night for their session.

I have to give major props to Kaitlyn for these shots. When we originally talked about their session together, she mentioned she would love to get in the water. Well, this water was a tad...well, slimy. And while she looks so calm here, so serene, it was not the case. But she looks simply beautiful!

To finish our session, they had brought two small, scrumptious little cakes to smash into each other. A perfectly delicious way to end!

Kaitlyn + Jon - I absolutely loved working with you two last night! Happy Anniversary and I hope you both enjoy your preview!


heather moore said...

friend, you look hot! Great photos Amy. Kait - can't wait to see the rest.

Laura E @ Southern Wedding said...

I just want to say these photos are amazing. So much life and laughter in everyone. What a cute idea to do these photos. Love the first shot.

aletha :: pearls events said...

Kaitlyn looks SO great! What a lovely session with this happy couple :)