Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hudson : : Doggy Session!

Yesterday I met Hudson and his mom Patricia out at the dog park in Holland for a doggy session. This was a session I was looking forward to not only because I love all things dog-related, but also because this session has a pretty cool story attached with it.

Two years ago, I was happily strolling through the Holland Farmer's Market one Saturday morning in September, camera in hand, and picking up some fresh veggies and flowers. I happened upon a woman with an adorable dashound puppy and asked if I could snap a few pictures. We exchanged emails and I sent her a few of the pictures.

Imagine my surprise earlier this summer when Patricia emailed me to say she ran into one of my doggy clients at the dog park and when she looked at the online pictures, realized I was the same photographer that took Hudson's pictures a few years prior! She emailed me to set up an official session and I met them again yesterday...Hudson now a full-grown, fully adorable dog. What a serendipitous moment!

This is little Hudson in all of his puppy glory, taken in early September two years ago.

Hudson has a wonderful sense of fashion.
Hudson and Patricia - Wonderful to see you both again! Enjoy your preview :)


Christina said...

Yay for doggy sessions!!

Angie said...

OMG ... love them!! I so want to smooch on that little dogs nose. He is so, so cute!!!

Amanda B. Young said...

Oh my goodness these are just adorable! What I would do for shots this great of my dog -- she can't sit still for a minute!