Monday, August 4, 2008

Daisy + Greg : : Wedding Preview Gallery!

It's hard to know where to start when describing the amazing weekend that was Daisy and Greg's wedding. Our weekend started as we headed up north Friday afternoon, checked into our adorable cabin-like hotel room at The Homestead and then proceeding to the rehearsal dinner. Everyone was totally enjoying themselves, dining on the restaurant's amazing pizza, cannoli's and my favorite summer beverage of choice, Oberon.

Saturday started with all of the girls in Daisy's condo getting ready with hair and makeup crew on staff. Angie and I were there to capture the transformation in its entirety and the rest of the day flowed seamlessly.

Daisy had all of us in laughing spirits all day. She is so sweet, laid-back, perfectly at ease with those around her. Not to mention, a totally knock-out bride. The dress, the hair, the makeup...she was a vision. One that her hubby-to-be had a hard time fighting back tears upon first seeing her.

The Homestead was a perfect place for this couple to say their vows. With whimsy and a natural-feeling of elegance it was an amazing destination. Not only was the venue a perfect choice, but the vendors they had selected, including their Day-of-Coordinator, Aletha of Pearls Events, rounded out the fabulousness.

Daisy and Greg, enjoy your preview!

Because Daisy had so many natural elements in her wedding, I wanted to keep the theme going with her details for the day. With a name like Daisy, you know I had to use a few in the pictures!

A gift from Greg... sapphire studs! A perfect compliment to Daisy's custom engagement ring that has side-stones of pink sapphires...beautiful!

They went on immediately.The dress. Oh..the dress! This amazing find came from none other than one of my favorite area bridal gown stores...September's Bride.
Daisy's dog Pixel is the couples adorable dog and the Flowerdog for the ceremony. She was as good as a dog gets...completely laid back and perfectly behaved. She was as much a part of the day as Daisy and Greg!


Greg and Daisy chose to see other before the ceremony and as we brought Daisy up to the top of the bluff, and where they were to meet for the first time, I came up the hill to find this scene...Greg, contemplative and waiting, at the top of this site waiting for his bride-to-be.

Details of the day. There were so many I had no choice but to put a little inspiration board together to show them off.

Just before everyone was to ride the ski lift up to the ceremony site, all of us girl's sang 'Going to the Chapel' while we waited. It sounded amazing...with some of the girl's harmonizing and Daisy's father looking on. I wish I could have recorded it...truly beautiful!

Pixel ready to go up and walk down the aisle. Notice the daisies tied to her collar!Ok, so I admit...I'm a wee bit scared of heights. Because Angie was already up at the ceremony site in place and ready to capture the wedding party walking down the aisle, I had no choice but to ride the ski lift on my own. But then I spotted Aletha, and asked her if she might like to join me on the ride up. She accepted and shortly realized the real reason I asked. Aletha..thanks for making the trip up a little less scary. And snapping a few pics with me!

Best wedding processional ever!


How cute is the 'Just Married' sign? Best wedding recessional ever!

After all was said and done, we all hopped aboard the wedding limo bus to drive to some beach locations for some group shots.
Even Pixel was in the group shots...she really was a perfect flowerdog.

Cake details. Simply amazing.

Daisy, her mom, and grandma are completely goofy, silly and fabulous. Three generations of whimsy.
Do you see a trend here?
Little back story on the group of girls that stood up for Daisy: Their union as friends came complete because of N'Sync and this is them...dancing to "Bye Bye Bye" complete with super awesome dance moves.

An up north destination made even more perfect by a brilliant sunset. Daisy and Greg: You two were so super sweet to work with and truly had a perfect wedding day. Congratulations again!


Kristen said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures....I can't wait to see the rest!!!! You were so much fun to have around:) Thanks for your patience with all of our silliness!!!!

Bree said...

One word....AMAZING!!! I am so happy for Daisy & Greg :)

aletha :: pearls events said...

This was an absolutely amazing wedding day to be a part of and I was honored Daisy + Greg chose to work with me. What amazing photos you have captured for them--they are gorgeous, timeless + totally fun :)

Julie said...

Gorgeous, unique and looks like loads of fun! Perfectly captured, Amy :)

kelly powers said...

too many favs to pick from...but truly the best processional and recessional ever!!!

Lisa said...

Your attention to details are amazing.

I always feel like I've been to the weddings in person after looking at your images.

Which is WONDERFUL because I've not had a 'real' vacation this summer. But, I've been to some very lovely locations via your blog.

Way to go Amy!

Kari said...

I love the chair lift! What fun! It looks like this wedding was fabulous!

amanda @ bliss weddings said...

These two look ridiculously adorably happy! best Wishes to the bride & groom. I love it... and you were right. That is the best wedding processional and recessional ever! Great pics as always, Amy!

Anonymous said...

wow... love them...
- daisy

Anonymous said...

This wedding had the best ushers ever!

The Loucks Family said...

What a unique wedding! So neat! Great pictures Amy!

KNB said...

Perfection. Perfection. Perfection.

So happy to have been there!

Kara May said...

Great job - what a beautiful wedding! Love the details shots. Fabulous!!

JoNa Photography said...

Too many favorites to list them all! Fabulous images! Loved her style!

Jessica said...

wow!!!! your wedding looked amazing. I'm so happy for you. Fantastic photography! It looked like you captured every moment.

onno david said...

What a grate wedding. Your wedding looked amazing. Great pictures amy. I love your wedding celebration.