Sunday, July 20, 2008

Karina + Nate : : Wedding Preview!

On Saturday, July 12, 2008, Nate and Karina were married at Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, just a block away from my own house. A beautiful church I pass each time my husband and I walk down to the courts to play some tennis. All summer long I have walked by this church looking forward to Karina and Nate's wedding.

When I woke up that morning, the first thing I heard was rain beating against my windows. I immediately thought about the wedding I was to shoot that afternoon and my heart sank. But thankfully the clouds scattered and the sun shone through and the day couldn't have been been more perfect. Even with the 10 children (really!) they had as a part of their wedding, things ran just as planned.

The thing I loved the very most about this couple is not only the love they have for each other, but the love they so graciously extend to those that are closest to them. And I loved Karina's laugh! She laughed so easily and so fully that it was infectious to all around her.

The reception was held at Glen Eagle Golf Club in Jenison. Both the ceremony and reception details were color color color! The theme of bright color matched the couples personalities and matched the festive vibe of the day.

Karina and Nate - enjoy your preview! I hope the honeymoon was truly fabulous!

When Nate and Karina saw each other for the first time that day, Nate awaited his bride with her wedding bouquet...I thought this was totally sweet!
Right before the ceremony began, Karina and her bridesmaids put on these colorful Indian bindis...a nod to Karina's Indian heritage. Karina was adopted as a baby from India but remains true to her roots and was excited to include this into her ceremony, along with some beautiful silver bangles she wore on her arm. This was a surprise to her husband-to-be, and she couldn't have looked more stunning.

The girls each wore a small bindi to match the fun!
The procession of the many adorable children. I was blown away at how well they all did.

This ceremony was a touching one...towards the end, the entire wedding party surrounded the couple, blessing them and praying with them. This part had me in was so touching, so personal. A tribute to this amazing couple.
And then afterwards, a trip to a beautiful farm where Karina and Nate had their engagement pictures taken by Karina's sister. I'm always game for a beautiful rustic barn!

The was genuine.

Notice that the polka-dot ribbon matched Karina's polka-dot shoes!

During the reception, Karina and Nate's pastor explained a part of the ceremony many casual observers may have missed...after the unity candle was lit, the couple braided these three strands of ribbon together, the blue stood for Nate, the pink for Karina and the yellow for God signifying the verse from Ecclesiastes 4:12 about a chord of three strands being not easily broken. I thought it was a great testament to them and their faith to incorporate this into their ceremony.


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Heather said...

what fun colors!!! and a gorgeous bride! great shots!

Lisa said...

I always love the way you make your colors pop.

Her shoes were so cool, I love how they match the cake.

Pure sweetness!

Darrin Wassom said...

oh yeah! I LOVE those shoes!! Great, great, great images, Amy...... but I have come to expect nothing less than perfect when viewing your blog! : )


Lisa Stone said...

So much love and fun! And the colors are so fantastic! I love the sense of humor they portray.

Fabuluxe Events, Inc. said...


What an awesome job! These pictures are phenomenal! The flowers are so bright and fun, they look like they reflect the bride's personality perfectly!

Great job!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures, what a lovely couple. Wishing you God's blessing.
Uncle Joop and Aunt Corrie

kanandi11 said...

As the mother of the bride I have to say they are beautiful Amy!!! And you were wonderful to work with!! I would recommend you to ANYONE!!

Jen said...

These pictures are incredible and truly reflect Karina and Nate. They are so vivid - both the photos and the couple! Thanks for sharing them.


Kristen & Brent said...

Beautiful photography and wedding. I too will be a polka dot bride. I need to know where Karina got those shoes!! Please email me if you can find out!