Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Allison!

Today is my little god-daughter Allison's 5th Birthday. Yesterday Jason and I had the fun of attending her pool-side birthday party. It's hard to believe that time flies and she will be starting kindergarten this fall. Where does the time go?

It was a great afternoon...lounging by the pool, jumping on the trampoline and opening presents. After a busy weekend working, this was the perfect way to wrap up the holiday weekend.

Is there anything more blissful than being a kid in the summertime?

Ok, I just had to share these with all of you...this is my husband holding Allison and her little brother Chase's bunny, Honey.

This is little Chase, who will be four this fall. He's a lover.

This is what makes gift-giving fun...these faces.
Chase was just as excited about Allison's presents as she was. Good thing she's good at sharing.

But as it seems to go with kids, the packaging was more fun than the actual gifts.

Love you Allison!! I hope today is your best birthday yet!


aletha @ pearls events said...

I love these shots. She is too cute :)

Lisa said...

Those kids are so adorable and their eyes, just

Their eyes just "jump" out at you!

Kids & summer, what a GREAT combo~

Kari said...

Thank you!! The kids were super excited to see their pictures displayed on the computer!!! I love the bunny shot :)

Courtney said...

Adorable pictures!! Looks like she had a great birthday party!!