Monday, June 2, 2008

Making Sunlight My Friend

I know this seems an odd title to a post, but ask any photographer to go photograph on the beach during the day and they will shriek with fright because of the harsh overhead sunlight creating unsightly and unflattering shadows.

I don't want to shriek with fright anymore so decided to learn to work with Mother Nature rather than against her.

Wilson Sarkis, a talented and award-winning photographer, led a beach workshop today in Ludington, thanks wholly in part to the fabulous team of Becky and Rob of Alway Photography, who organized this event and made it possible for me to go to a beach all day and count it as work.

I think it's extremely important to continue learning in anything that you do in life, and today was a fabulous day of photographing gorgeous models in less-than-ideal lighting situations. There was no fancy lighting, just the use of reflectors and I walked away feeling a little less scared of the sun. I think I totally deserve a gold star.

This lovely newlywed was just married last fall and was too sweet to model for us in her gorgeous gown this morning.

The fabulous Kari Douma stepping up and helping out.
I always like to find new perspectives...I simply couldn't resist the bride's veil floating over the driftwood.
Jen rocking out her 70-200mm lens.

There were a lot of them on the beach today! So excited to see some of my fellow photogs from Grand Rapids and meet some new ones!

We had some crazy beautiful models workin' it for us today!

Never have I thought to myself, "hey, I should wrap a bunch of tulle-like material around a frame and use that on the beach"...but it totally worked! Thinking outside of the reflector box.
Pretty right?

And Jen, once again, posing by a cute little hut we found on our walk back to the car. We're not scared of a little sun anymore!


JK Photography said...

Awww, such a fun day!! I can't wait to post mine :) Thannks for another fabulous raod trip! Can't wait for August!

Amanda said...

Great pics! Gold star awarded :)

Heather said...

once again - great pictures!

Jen - you look adorable in that last one!

Lisa said...

It was great to see you again~ I totally agree about being a little scared to photograph at the beach in the middle of the day in the bright bright sun! That's just craziness and by George, it worked!

I had a great time and learned a lot as well! I'm glad that you both could come.

Kari said...

Hey Amy,
It was great to see you agian at the workshop! You got some rockin pictures as usual. I wish I had time to talk to you more... but I was busy holding difusers!

Deb said...

Great images!! Amazing what you done in the middle of the day at the beach...way to go.

Angie said...

Those pictures turned out amazing. Hard to believe they were taken at the beach on a bright sunshiney day! Love them!

Kristen said...

Wow, those look fantastic! What a fun day - I would love to attend a workshop like that... call me next time, K? ;)