Saturday, May 10, 2008

Katie & Dan

This evening Katie and Dan and I got together for their amazing engagement session. Starting out at Tulip Time in downtown Holland, we had the most perfect evening. Warm temperatures, beautiful flowers and the smells of caramel corn and elephant ears (a personal favorite!) permeating the air.

After we had spent our fill in Holland, we headed up to Grand Haven. Katie and Dan met in Grand Haven working as servers at Portabellos. Because the town had such meaning to them, they called up to this establishment to have their "Save the Date" information put on the marquee. Fabulous!

Check out the lobster shorts! Guess where Dan is from originally?
And that ring? The proposal was set in New York City at Rockafeller Center. Yep...Dan is definitely a keeper!

Katie and Dan...I am SO excited to shoot your wedding next summer. You two are simply fun and fabulous!


aletha @ pearls events said...

What a great session--love the one with the red wall.

Lisa said...

The ones with all the flowers in Holland are pretty!!
How cool, I didn't get a big sign!! All kinds of jealous!!
By the way I like the new "stamp" very cool!!