Sunday, April 6, 2008

4.6.08 : : A Spring in My Step

One of the things I enjoy most about spring is the returning wildlife. Often during the spring and summer months, my husband and I will go out exploring on our Sunday afternoons after church. Today was our first trek of the season and we set out this afternoon, cameras in hand.

I know it looks like I'm really close to this snake in this shot, but this is wear the telephoto lens comes in real handy.

This mama goose startled both of us. She was laying on her nest and very wary of both Jason and I. I snapped a quick picture and then left her alone.


Lisa said...

We played outside all weekend, it was beautiful. I didn't see much wildlife unless Eli and two crazy labs count!! I took lots of pictures though!!

Amanda said...

I like the turle :)

Angie said...

K, I am not a huge fan of snakes however ... that snakes little tongue is so stinkin' cute!!!

Purvi said...

Where were those pictures taken? It looks beautiful.