Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4.23.08 : : A HOT April Day

Today was a smoken' hot day, both with the crazy April temps and the fabulous sessions I had today. It started with a seriously amazing boudoir session, but since this is a surprise for her sharing pics from that sexy shoot.

Afterwards, Erin and Mike, one of my fabulous brides and grooms from last year, came down to the studio for some new shots for Erin's portfolio. Girlfriend was workin' it!

You know I couldn't let them go without getting pictures with the both of them together! Hi Mike!

Who says the passion is gone after marriage!?

And then to wrap the day up, Katy, Josh and Katy's adorable daughter Olivia headed downtown for their pre-wedding engagement session. This one was not afraid of the camera. Although, she did want to see the picture of her cute self after each click.

This picture cracks me up. Josh said this is the picture that is totally 'them'. Love it!!!
See y'all in June for your wedding!!


Amanda said...

Love the first and last picture!!!!

Kristen said...

Great photos! I love the last one on the cobblestone. Thanks again for having me along, Olivia is such a cutie-pie!

Courtney said...

Great photos!! I love the first picture. Olivia is adorable!!

Bree - Rheumatoid Arthritis said...

The backdrop/areas these photos were taken are amazing. Can we take note of these for Brad and I's e-pics? Love are so talented Amy!

Anonymous said...

Love the fish eye photo!

Angie said...

Erin and Mike look as fabulous as they did the day of their wedding!! Great pics ... I LOVE them!!

Lisa said...

WOW, nothing else needs to be said. The photos speak for themselves.