Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4.2.08 : : So You Wanna Be a Photographer?

Today was one of the funnest days I've had in the studio in a long while! And it's not just because of the ADORABLE Braelyn, who came in again to see me on her very first birthday. Happy Birthday Braelyn (so many spring babies lately!).Baby booty!

See this lovely girl here? This is Jessica and she was my job shadow today. She got to hang out all afternoon at the studio, wrangling one-year-olds, taking pictures, asking me questions and even setting up her own photo shoot. This is a large project her and her sixth grade class have been working on since January and she chose the occupation of photography to write about and thus asked if she could be my job shadow. I was SO excited to have her with me today! I am pretty sure I would hire her if she didn't have school full-time.

Also, have you been noticing this awesome yellow chair?
This is the awesome yellow chair! I love to peruse antique stores for interesting pieces and this chair literally called out to me and told me we were meant for each other. I couldn't say no. This chair followed me around the rest of the day.

Jessica tried to show me up with her purple camera. Whatever. I could dye my camera pink.

We went out between sessions and did a photo shoot. I showed Jessica the back allies I adore and how I approach my sessions.

And then I handed my camera over to her and let her direct a shoot.

Seriously, this might just get hung up in my house. This composition is awesome!

Tilty angle and everything! This girl has an incredible eye!She did so good I patted her on the head, took her to McDonald's for a chocolate shake and french fries and then we bought shoes at One Girl's Treasure. The school requirements said to have them follow a realistic day. I was merely obliging.

And then for our last shoot of the day, I really decided to test her. I asked my second shooter and good friend Angie if she wanted to bring her family in for family pictures. Hahaha Jessica! FOUR kids! Now you really get to see how fun this can be.

This is Alyssa, Alexis, Noah and Nick. They love me and they didn't give me any attitude today at all and obliged perfectly with each request.

That's a lie. But they're cute anyway (I'm loving the train tracks lately!)

Then Dan and Angie had their turn to be behind the camera.This yellow chair is a crazy picture hog!

And finally to wrap up the day, Angie took a few pictures of Jessica and I together before she had to head back to the life of a sixth grader.I'm throwing in this picture for y'all to notice that this dear 12 year old is THE SAME HEIGHT AS ME! Thank goodness for my heels!Jessica - you are going to have an amazing career. You are a sweetheart and amazing with a camera. Remember me when you have your first gallery opening!


Julie said...

The day in the life of a photographer; Shoe shopping. I love it! Wonderful photos, as usual :)

JK Photography said...

What a fun day you had yesterday!! The pics are rockin'!! AND I am loving that new chair, I cannot WAIT to use it!! Its just what we needed, another chair :)

Maggie said...

I just have to say Amy that I LOVE your shoes!!!

Amanda said...

Your shoes are fab!

Courtney said...

LOVE your shoes Amy!! Can I job shadow you for the day too? :)

Beth said...

How fun - what a great thing for you to do for her, Amy!

Lisa said...

I like the pics of the Brooks', they are super cute as always. Jessica takes amazing pics, I should have her teach me!! I am digging the green background of the very first shot, I will be utilizing that someday soon!!! The shoe shopping story almost got me in trouble, I was supposed to be working and always stop by the blog, this time I laughed out loud, my boss asked "What's so Funny", oh nothing I replied. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Very AWESOME pics she took... Love the yellow chair!