Thursday, March 20, 2008

3.20.08 Time to Vote!

First of all, thank you to all who submitted pictures!

Secondly, there is no possible way I can vote on my own for the winner of the POTD contest so not only have I asked you to send in pictures, but now I'm also asking for you to now help me vote. So basically I'm asking for everyone else to do my work. That's good delegation.

In no particular order, here are the submissions you get to vote on. Flowers and dogs were a popular choice!

#1. Dolphin Dreams by Nichole
#2. Big Dog, Little Dog by Beth
#3. Many Moons by Christine
#4. Hawaiian Foot by Angie
#5. Kahne & Emmy by Ashley

#6. Spring Daffodil by Sara
#7. Lovely Orchids by John (submitted by Jody)
#8. Pixel in the Park by Daisy
#9. Fabulous Florida Flower by Paula

#10. Colorful Baby Cuteness by Jodi

I've picked my favorite and I'll reveal it later tomorrow but for now, let's hear what y'all think! Oh, and happy first day of Spring!


Sandy said...

I like them all, so I think I'm going to choose two... and follow a theme of animals :)

My first favorite is #5 by Ashley. The reason I like this is because it really captures the emotions of the dogs! I cannot EVER catch such great expression on my animals!

My second favorite is #8 by Daisy. I love this one because of the awesome camera angle and the lighting!

Great job everyone. I love them ALL!

Angie said...

Ha ... I can't believe you really put my foot up there! You weirdo! lol Although, I do think that the fact that it was taken in Hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean is enough to get the votes. ... :-) Seriously, if I would have known you were REALLY going to submit a picture I sent into the voting contest I could have probably found a better one. I have kids AND dogs with cuter feet than mine..:-)

Amy said...

I love #4 The Hawaiian Foot! It makes me think of all the wonderful sunny days that lie ahead as summer approaches!

Amanda said...

Oh crap! I forgot to send that one to you... oh well! These are better I think!

I say many moons by Christina, that is cool!!!

Mary said...

Pixel is so dang cute! That pooh-bear is my winner!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Lisa said...

I like the many moons and fabulous florida flower. Look I miss one day of POTD and miss a contest. Oh well, next time!!

cocojames said...

I still like number 1, haha, but I'm bias!!!

I can't get over how cute the baby is in #10 though:) And Angie's foot is just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I like the dolphin.
Its not too often you get to see dolphins let alone get take such an awesome picture of one.

Anonymous said...

My vote's for Number one! : ) All of them are adorable though!

Katie @ Corp Color said...

I can't get enough of eclipse shots. I vote for Many Moons!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the foot in Hawaii is very creative... that one gets my vote!

Erin Marie said...

I like number 10. It's so colorful =)

Anonymous said...

Spring daffodil by Sara is my favorite:)

-Sara D

Christina said...

these are all great, but I'm a sucker for flowers so I'm going with #9..

Maggie said...

I am going to say 5 and 10 are my faves !

aletha jo said...

#9 is my fave.