Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3.19.08 : : Evidence. And a Contest.

As I walked out to the mailbox this afternoon I happened to look down along my pathway and saw actual things growing out of the ground. Spring has sprung people! I had heard a rumor that spring was on its way, but after the long winter we've had I wasn't holding out much hope. I figured I should probably document my findings just in case so quickly ran inside for my camera.
These are all various varieties of tulips planted along my pathway and in the landscaping by my house. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to actually seeing the flowers.
Two days of Tanner in a row!
Also, I totally missed posting a POTD yesterday. So instead of taking something uninspired today and posing like I actually took it yesterday and just forgot to post, I'm putting it in your hands. I have many people who email to say they are love taking pictures so let's see some!

Email me something quirky, creative, fun, colorful, etc. and the one I like the best will be posted as Tuesday's missing Picture of the Day (you will get photo credit). Please make sure when you are emailing your pictures to scale them down to approximately 640x480 pixels. Also, only one submission per person please.

You can send your submissions to:


Amanda said...

Yay for flowers growing!!! And today IS the first day of Spring... isn't it?

Fun POTD contest!

Lisa said...

My flowers are poking through also, couldn't be happier. Happy Spring