Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2.5.08 : : Roxy & Sophie

Today was a really good day. Not only did I get to take pictures of two adorable pups, I can now officially say that I'm completely caught up with proofing out weddings! This, my friends, makes me feel like superwoman. I can now completely concentrate on designing albums, get excited about all of the fabulous weddings I have booked this year, and watch marathon reruns of Americas Next Top Model. I could also maybe catch up on the mountain of laundry I've been putting off forever. Or do my taxes. Neither of the latter two sound like much fun.

Anyway, back to the dogs...

So this is Roxy, an adorable and spirited little dog who sat still long enough to grab a treat and go off exploring again.

And this is Sophie! The sweetest little Pomeranian/Sheltie mix who sat still as long as it was on a blanket and she didn't have to touch the paper (gasp!) backdrop. The paper totally freaked her out which ended up working great for me.

I'm not going to lie and tell you I didn't think about trying to smuggle these two out in my luggage-sized purse. Tanner needs some friends don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I think the only part Tanner would approve of is the fact that he didn't have to be the only dog model in your house anymore!! They are adorable!!


Amanda said...

Very cute pups!

Angie said...

I have such great love for these dogs!! Roxy, the little "crystal" dog ... LOVE her, you could have totally taken the dogs and I would have been more than happy to help you out with them ya know!