Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2.20.08 : : Jumping for Joy

I may not love cold weather and snow, but it certainly lent well to the two sessions I had today!

The first is a couple getting married this coming November who was eager to have pictures while snow still lay on the ground. No worries there!

Is this yellow coat to die for or what? I loved it so much that I had to ask where she got it from. This girl is so fabulous that she emailed me the link to order my own!

Guess where this adorable couple met?

And if those two weren't cute enough, Liz also came in today as an aspiring model wanting some updated pictures for her portfolio.

I never look this cute in a hat.

As if that weren't enough fun for the day, I also am excited to announce that I am now listed on the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel's 'Preferred Professionals' list. So exciting!


Anonymous said...

Don't wear the yellow coat to the wedding. ha ha

Sara said...

the girl in the yellow coat has FANTASTIC hair. i cant wait to get mine cut like that after our cute!

JK Photography said...

Cute!! Cold, but CUTE!

Mary said...

I love the yellow coat too! I have been eyeing one that I want but I have to find a good reason that I NEED the coat!

Amanda said...

Too many cute ones to pick just one!

Anonymous said...

So are you willing to share the link for the fabulous yellow coat??