Thursday, January 31, 2008

1.31.08 : : My Special Little Guy Turns 2

Little Eli (my first baby client ever) was back in the studio tonight for his two-year session. Little Eli and I go way back and it was SO fun to see him running around and showing off his cute, toothy smile.

He also had a wide range of emotions to bring to the camera this evening which made it a real treat to work with him!

There was Introspective. and Aloof.
The Pouty Model face.Carefree.

Shock and Dismay.
And of course, Thoughtful Cowboy.
I'm sorry about the unfortunate ear little Eli. I was afraid if I stopped to fix your hat you would totally not put it back on. Nice range of emotions though today. You rocked that shoot!


Lisa said...

These are super cute. I am so happy he cooperated just once with you Amy, I usually feel horrible when we leave cause he gives you a run for your money, last night it was great. Angie, you have to come everytime!! I like the effects you put on some of them also, you know me, I am usually a color photo girl all the way, but I am digging some of these!! Thanks a bunch, it was lots of fun!!

Amanda said...

Awww very cute!

JK Photography said...

OMG, he is sooooo cute!!!
These turned out so great Amy, way to go!!