Monday, January 28, 2008

1.28.08 : : Sweet

I didn't take this picture today...I actually took it yesterday. Today we refinanced our home and it there was just nothing particularly inspiring or exciting about signing hundreds of documents. So instead, I bring you sweet little Jaida and Brownie, a beautiful collie-mix. And since the above isn't such a fabulous picture of Brownie, here is a better one:
I just can't help myself from taking pictures of cute children and fuzzy dogs.


JK Photography said...

What a beautiful little girl!!!
Who does she belong to?
Congrats on the re-fi, now go get that car fixed ;)

Amanda said...

How cute!!!

Are we still on for the dog show? I have to email you about that!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaida almost looks fake in this picture, it is flawless. So pretty!!

Brownie Dukes Of Hazard said...

I love my baby neice, Jaida she looks so fabulous. I also love my Brown Brune Boy he is so cute.